Useful podcasts

On my travels to and from work I enjoy time to reflect or hear new ideas. The following podcasts are some of the most enjoyable that I have come across. I will split them into a variety of headings.


The Physio Matters Podcast changing the face of physiotherapy, an industrious team effort gets the best from each guest

Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast focusing on pain as the complex phenomena it is

NAF Physio Podcast notorious and heavy hitting-not for the easily offended

Physioedge a pioneering podcast bringing insight from around the globe on physiotherapy topics

PT Inquest an entertaining physiotherapy podcast with high joke:content ratio


The Liturgists: a thought provoking podcast looking at Christianity, Religion and Spirituality from a Scientific and an Art perspective.


Philosophy Bites not healthcare related but short punchy podcasts that stimulate thought (a great intro to philosophy)