Useful blogs

I enjoy reading a variety of blogs below are some of my favourites: mind expanding blog by Dave Nicholls never fails to provoke a thoughtful blog by Matt Dancigers, Stephen Henry + Spencer Munro on all things physiotherapy often tackling issues in wider healthcare. Fast becoming one of my favourite blogs musings on pain, identity, language from Joletta Belton. one of my favourite blogs by Bronnie Thompson with great insight into long term pain conditions. beautifully crafted vignettes can be found in KeithP provoking thought on human interaction in healthcare. so there he was blogging like a man possessed by thought…. From Jack March. notorious blog by Adam Meakins on a range of physiotherapy matters. a physiotherapy blog by the Naked Physio taking a panoramic view on how to approach the patient in pain. astute look into the realm of evidence, how it’s used, why it’s important, communicated very well by Kenny Venere. short thoughtful blogs by Laura Opstedal with a lower limb focus a great blog by Ben Cormack on exercise, movement variability and rehabilitation

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