Podcast (Loadaphobia)

After a much needed break over the school holidays I am planning on continuing with my regular blog posts. In the meantime here is a recent podcast I was involved with. I recently featured on a podcast discussing how being more human may help rehabilitation particularly in reference to older adult populations. We discuss clinical… Continue reading Podcast (Loadaphobia)

Case (CP64090) Have you got the time?

This lady had seen me before. A couple of years back with right sided hip pain predominantly but also multi joint pain including extremities and hypermobility. We were concerned enough to refer for rheumatology. She had subsequently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). She is an active 57yrs old. She was referred to me for… Continue reading Case (CP64090) Have you got the time?

La Méprise (Mr Perfect)

Here are some people for whom I've made errors or failings over the last week (these are just the ones I am aware of!): 48yr old male with history of LBP (low back pain) following road traffic collision. History of milder version of Spina bifida and was concerned that "nerves have come out of his… Continue reading La Méprise (Mr Perfect)

Quick Slow Quick Quick Slow (foxtrot)

Time had flown by. Luckily my next appointment had cancelled. The first thing she mentioned she mentioned was her health anxiety. 30yrs old. Low back pain since giving birth age 18. Worse with time, and aggravated by relatively little effort and prolonged rest. She reports lethargy, being underweight, family history of diabetes and breast cancer.… Continue reading Quick Slow Quick Quick Slow (foxtrot)

You’re History! (Hasta la vista, baby)

She seemed straight forward enough on assessment. 45yrs old. Sudden pain onset from a seemingly innocuous movement many years ago. Episodic but progressive back pain since. Almost full range of movement. No significant neurological, inflammatory, vascular or other suspicious signs. One thing did sit in my mind though....................  See full blog on the link below:… Continue reading You’re History! (Hasta la vista, baby)

Regression to the shmean (verden i farger)

Every so often I get one of these people leave my clinic after a period of rehabilitation. "Thanks so much. You've made such a difference. I wished they'd sent me 6yrs ago." This leaves me in a predicament. There feels a genuine change. But I've been trained to be suspect of treatment results. Regression to… Continue reading Regression to the shmean (verden i farger)

Suspicious Minds (Rise of the Sceptics)

"I don't think they believed me........ that my pain was real" The words etched into my mind. Who knows if they did believe her. But it was her overwhelming impression of the consultation with her GP. Suspicion and scepticism undermined her experience. Disconnected her from her very own body. So what is a sceptic? Evidence… Continue reading Suspicious Minds (Rise of the Sceptics)

Amanuensis (El Dictador)

Suddenly the penny dropped. So in the mindset of getting people to perform exercises that I hadn't stopped to think. She had tried a variety of exercises without progress. Maybe every patient didn't need an exercise....... 😱😳😧 Autonomy is identified as a hallmark of physiotherapy and other healthcare professions. The arrival of evidence based practice… Continue reading Amanuensis (El Dictador)