New Conversations (Regurgitation) The Tonic

This is a short blog but if you only have 3mins listen to the below track I collaborated* with Chilly Gonzalez and Jarvis Cocker and you'll get an overview. (*technically just stripped the vocals and put lyrics over it 😜 the original is much better and can be found here) It's funny how the… Continue reading New Conversations (Regurgitation) The Tonic

Sensitivity (The Squirrel) Cygne Noir

"He can't see my pain. He doesn't know what it's like when I'm lying in bed" she started. "It's difficult for people who are not in pain" I explain "Like you say you go home with your pain but he doesn't he just gets 10 minutes with you". If you work with people in pain… Continue reading Sensitivity (The Squirrel) Cygne Noir

Making Spaces (Riso) The Canopy

Space is important. It can bring opportunity. Potential. Perspective. It can also bring loneliness. Emptiness. Void. If there is not enough space for the roots. Growth will be stunted. Not enough room for the leaves. Life wilts and doesn't reach potential. Living things grow into space. If there is no space they move to find… Continue reading Making Spaces (Riso) The Canopy

The Story of Diagnosis (Grundlagen) Taxonomy

"So what do you think it is" he asked. Bear in mind that we were a full 5 minutes into the consultation. This seems a good a place as any to introduce medical taxonomy. Taxonomy is a description, identification, nomenclature (words) and classification of disease states. Essentially drawing lines. It's Latin origins translate as method… Continue reading The Story of Diagnosis (Grundlagen) Taxonomy