Interpretation (Trust issues)

Humans are to be distrusted. Or so we are told. With our emotions. Vulnerability to error. Confirmation biases. This has lead to a not so subtle erosion of belief in the human subject. Whilst the general subject cannot be touched so is viewed with distain by empiricists. This leaves me asking does empirical evidence back… Continue reading Interpretation (Trust issues)

Inquisition (Måle)

Inquisition can go one of two ways. Either it can drive innovation, encourage close inspection and speed progress. Or like the Spanish Inquisition it can stifle, oppress and lead to abuse by controlling powers. I have discussed earlier how subjects (like pain) differ to objects (like bodies). And that science prefers the concreteness of objects… Continue reading Inquisition (Måle)

Nous sommes famille (What you brought with you)……. demarcation 

"I take after my mother....." she said whilst we discussed her family medical history. "We both have sciatica" she continued. Does she have any other medical history? Oh yeah just cancer, diabetes, BP, MI, varicose vein surgery. 😳😳😳😳. Family ties often have a real divergence of both strong resemblance or distinction. So what is it… Continue reading Nous sommes famille (What you brought with you)……. demarcation 

Perspectiva (Exploring Environments)

"Have you seen something like this before?" Something we hear regularly in our clinic. Regularly enough to reflect on what a good answer might be. What are they getting at?! My last blog asked the question of whether humans are objects or subjects. I hope on reading you recognised parts of both. The reality is… Continue reading Perspectiva (Exploring Environments)

The Scrapheap (Subject or Object?)

It was only as he leant forward that I could see the scoliosis the left ribs humped slightly higher than the right with a familiar twist. But in standing there was not a great deal to see. Some stretch marks to the skin on the left. I'd seen this young chap before. Now mid twenties.… Continue reading The Scrapheap (Subject or Object?)

Why me? (Las Grande Connaissance)

So why me? Often we feel we need to justify ourselves. As clinicians. As experts. This creates endeavour. I recall numerous consultations with fellow healthcare workers: nurses, psychologists, medics. There is that little extra pressure to impress. Be knowledgable. Show your profession in a good light. People in authority like to impress. It holds a… Continue reading Why me? (Las Grande Connaissance)