About Me

Welcome to the becomingmorehuman blog. My name is Neil Maltby and I am a physiotherapist working in the UK. I predominantly work out of GP practices and have a particular interest in complex conditions osteoarthritis and low back pain. Outside of work I collaborate on the CauseHealth project based at NMBU in Norway gaining expertise from a brilliant group of thinkers. The project is digging into complexity and causation within health with the hope of encouraging a paradigm shift in how we approach complex health conditions. I am also part of the Critical Physio Network which has been a major influence increasing diversity in my thought processes. I am really open to collaborating and sharing ideas so please feel free to contact me through the blog or Twitter.

I’ve finally got round to starting this blog a) because I like the process of writing, b) it challenges me to think and communicate clearly, c) so that it can be critiqued and I can continue to learn from others and d) it allows me to express who I am. The main aim of this blog is to encourage healthcare professionals to be more human and less mechanical in their interactions.

I take massive inspiration from my family, particularly my wife and love being a parent to my 2 boys who are a constant challenge and delight. I love my job as a physiotherapist which I have been doing since I graduated in 2006 from Sheffield Hallam University. Sports have played a strong part in my life from a young age and I also have a Sports Science + Exercise degree from Loughborough University, and can still be found amongst the amateur football leagues on a Saturday afternoon. A more recent passion is growing things and when my boys allow I try to maintain both a garden and allotment which give me a lot of headspace. From a young age I have been brought up in a Christian environment and continue to be part of a local church who again are a massive inspiration to me. I believe faith, whatever this is in, is a massive part of who we are as human and I sometimes enjoy and sometimes despair journeying in this. I am particularly interested in how we can relate to an ‘invisible’ God and seeing people fulfil their potential.

As you can see I may have a number of beliefs which it would be worth being aware of. As much as they are a potential source of bias they are also a source of personal inspiration (+ maybe more than that).

I am an advocate of: marriage, parenting, physiotherapy, exercise, physical strength, God, faith/spirituality, sports, Leeds United, progressive politics, NHS, thinking, reading, learning, growing things, playing guitar.

Thanks for stopping by.